How to Make a Submission

Create a new pull request to manifest.json adding your new mod. Once your pull request is created, community members will review your submission as per the mod auditing process.

If you’re new to git or GitHub, take a look at the Manifest PR Guide.


A full list of submission requirements is available here, but here are the important ones for submitting your first mod:

  • Follow the schema. We have automatic validation on GitHub PRs to check this.
  • Don’t ruin the whitespace (indent using four spaces!) We have automatic validation on GitHub PRs to check this.
  • Include a valid SHA-256 hash for your mod. If you don’t have a SHA-256 tool on your PC, a web tool like this may help.
  • Don’t remove existing manifest entries. Deprecate them instead using the deprecated flag.
  • Pick a category from the category list. If you’re uncertain, check how other mods are categorized.

An example mod definition is provided below. Note that comments are not allowed in JSON and are only provided here for your reference.

"dev.zkxs.examplemod": { // GUID for your mod. This MUST be unique.
    "name": "Example Mod", // Your mod's name
    "description": "Doesn't do anything", // Short description of your mod's functionality
    "category": "Misc", // The category that best fits your mod.
    "website": "", // your mod's homepage
    "sourceLocation": "", // where your source code is hosted
    "authors": { // note that you can have more than one author!
        "runtime": { // author name
            "url": "" // author's website
    "versions": { // all of your versions go here
        "1.1.0": { // version number
            "releaseUrl": "", // home page for this version
            "artifacts": [ // note that you can have more than one artifact!
                    "url": "", // download URL
                    "sha256": "4d7aee0c357c6683bc6d046b1961ed1ce21bbbd23f120b8dc7b1553db01d7174" // sha256 hash of ExampleMod.dll. It is very important that this is correct.

Here is the same JSON again, but this time ready for copy/pasting into the manifest. Just update the fields to match your mod.

        "dev.zkxs.examplemod": {
            "name": "Example Mod",
            "description": "Doesn't do anything",
            "category": "Misc",
            "website": "",
            "sourceLocation": "",
            "authors": {
                "runtime": {
                    "url": ""
            "versions": {
                "1.1.0": {
                    "releaseUrl": "",
                    "artifacts": [
                            "url": "",
                            "sha256": "4d7aee0c357c6683bc6d046b1961ed1ce21bbbd23f120b8dc7b1553db01d7174"

Note that some of these fields are optional, and some rarely-used fields are omitted from this example. Consult the schema for more details.

Additional Help

If you need additional help, you can ask in the #mod-manifest channel in our Discord.