This is the list of categories that can be used when defining a mod in the manifest.

If you need a new category or think an existing category should be split let us know with a GitHub issue.

Category Description
Asset Importing Tweaks Improving Asset Importing
Audio Enhancements and tweaks related to audio
Bug Workarounds A mod cannot truly fix a bug, but we can work around it with an awful hack
Context Menu Tweaks Messing around with the context menu
Dash Tweaks Messing around with the dashboard
Developers Lower-level functionality intended for “power users”
Hardware Integrations Making unsupported hardware supported. This is some real technomancy.
Inspectors Tweaking inspectors
Keybinds & Gestures New ways to control the game
Libraries No standalone behavior. Intended to be used by other mods.
LogiX Tweaking LogiX
Memes Why do people keep making these?
Misc Things that don’t fit well into any category
Optimization Make Neos do less work for similar results
Plugins Not mods. Neos plugins require -LoadAssembly to work, and normally break multiplayer compatibility.
Technical Tweaks Lower-level functionality intended for “power users”
Visual Tweaks Changes how rendering works
Wizards A user interface that presents a sequence of dialog boxes that lead the user through a series of well-defined steps