General Tips

  • Don’t insert your mod at the very end of the file, as you’ll have to add a comma to the mod preceding you which can confuse git. Instead, put new mods at the top of the file (or anywhere really).
  • Try not to move things around unnecessarily, as it will generate a larger diff and make reviewing your PR harder.
  • Take care not to mess up the indentation. While it may not seem like a big deal, not enforcing consistent indentation would result in absolute chaos.
  • For security reasons the automatic checks won’t run on your first PR until a contributor manually triggers them. Your subsequent PRs will benefit from automatic whitespace and schema validation checks.

Creating a PR

There are multiple ways to make a GitHub PR. We’ll cover a few approaches.

GitHub Web UI


  • You don’t need to install any software
  • Requires the least git knowledge of any method


  • The web editor isn’t very good
  • No schema validation
  • No automatic indentation fixer

Simply edit manifest.json via the GitHub Web Editor.

Local Text Editor (Like Visual Studio Code)


  • Can validate json schema
  • Can fix bad indentation
  • There are some very good text editors available


  • Requires some git know-how
  • Requires you to install software

Teaching git is out of scope of this document, but it really is worth learning. Perhaps take a look at the Git website.

  1. Install Visual Studio Code
  2. Fork the manifest
  3. Clone your manifest fork (git clone docs)
  4. git remote add upstream
  5. git fetch upstream
  6. git checkout upstream/master
  7. git branch my-new-branch-name (git branch docs)
  8. Edit the manifest in VSC, enjoying its built-in JSON schema validator
  9. git add manifest.json (git add docs)
  10. git commit -m 'Add MyMod to the manifest' (git commit docs)
  11. git push (git push docs)
  12. Head back to the manifest repo, where you should now see a button to open a PR. If not, you can manually create a pull request from a fork.

Repeat from step 5 for subsequent PRs.

Additional Help

If you need additional help, you can ask in the #mod-manifest channel in our Discord.