Flags used in the manifest to indicate various things about mods or mod versions.

Mod Flags

These flags can be defined on a mod:

  • deprecated Deprecated (maintainer is gone, users need to migrate)
  • plugin it needs a -LoadAssembly argument to work and it does not depend on NML
  • file it does not depend on NML

Version Flags

Mod versions inherit the flags of their defining mod, and can additionally use these flags:

  • Security Vulnerability
    • vulnerability:low Low
    • vulnerability:medium Medium
    • vulnerability:high High
    • vulnerability:critical Critical
  • broken This version is broken and doesn’t work on any platform.
    • broken:android Doesn’t work on android
    • broken:linux-native Doesn’t work on linux native
    • broken:linux-wine Doesn’t work on linux wine/proton
    • broken:windows Doesn’t work on windows
  • prerelease Mod dev wants to limit distribution